Insomnia Clients Foundation offers research and consultancy services 'in between science and your physician'.

We read full all neurocience publications that are remotedly relevant for insomnia. That is somehting you physician has no time for. Our group consists of a research phsycician, two engineers (one of the physicist) and a biologist. That is the right multidisciplinay team!

We offer:

1) intake of insomniacs, including all that is known, and then design a measurement program for the insomnia including all adresses and references in order to get the tests done. Also we supply you with all te relevant scientific articles in order to 'backup' your physician (standard cost: 500 USD).

2) we organise masterclasses in neurophysiology (on request)

3) we research - for example for physicians - the most relevant scientific articles on request, regarding insomnnia (fee: 200 USD/hour)

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Measurement program for primary, chronic insmniacs

Apart from explanary text and full report, you will most importante get a tabel for measurement, in this format

Variable to me measured Reason of measurement How to be measurd Where to be measured (address, name, telephone, email, letter of reference etc.
(ex.) adenosine patient feels quiet, it is like neurons are quiet by VLPO does not initiate sleep? adenosie with trace mark and PET LaCharite hospital Berlin (ex.)
overall neurotransmitter mix to be certain no GABA diappears through metabolism into Glutamale blood test KIT Local hospital....
GABA receptor activity without sleeping pills and WITH sleeping pills To get to know how much 'articifial' activation of GABA receptor is required MEG scan: first time without, second time with sleeping pills MEG at New York Mecial Center
Firing rates of AChBF To know whether daytime active neuron tend to slow down at night, or go on forever MEG MET at New York Medicam Center

After such measurements, it will be easier to determine effective long term solutions.

The 'art' here is formost to know the exploding amount of measurement techniques, to know the neurophsyiology, and to know the medical centers that are 'far enough' to apply practices that are already accepted by scicen.

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