Special: basics of sleeping pills


Standard 'benzodiazepine' = Xanax = Alprazolam, a 'ANXIOLYTIC' (against fear = helps sleeping), that
also has many other brand names, FDA max. 4 mg per night.

It is 'sedative', which gives a nice drowsy feeling before sleeping, but if you swallow Xanax with too long
half times, you may be sedated in the morning as well (driving)

The other group is 'non-benzodiazepines', pure 'HYPNOTICS', the main brand is 'Zopiclone' that has als a
lot of different names in countries: Imovane, Zimovane.... Not sedative at all and very save

Both are quite available on the web, at online pharmacies as http://sleepingtablets.com and
http://sleepingpillsandsleepingtablets.com (latter with simple email as well,
admin@sleepingpillsandsleepingtablets.com, with possibility of bankwiring. Anyway, of you have no credit
card, buy an debit card (for example Visa) that you can upload).

Next group are the 'OTC', 'over the counter' pills that may be described without prescription. Not available
in all countries, but preferred in most insomniac selfhelp groups is: Diphenhydramine (a generic working

A fourth group that will be available soon is 'Suvorexant'. To be approved by FDA, but that will happen.
Group 1 and 2, Xanax and Zopiclone, are working on the GABA receptors: they bind to GABA receptors of
neurons, whereby chlorid ion channels are widened. The widening of the chloride ion channels makes that
CL- ions can flow in more quickly and that the neuron can keep 'quiet for a long time'.

Article: 'The precise working of sleep and sleeping pills', pdf

Group 4, the suvorexants, will work on NOT GABA receptors, but on the neurotransmittor orexine.
Orexine, especially orexine A, keeps the 'sleep state table' and ensures continuation of sleep.

(c) Philippe Blankert, 15 August 2014, neuroscientist

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