Insomnia help

Get to know your friends and enemies regaring sleep!

Your enemy brainparts! (click to read about them) = WAKE

LDT (Laterodorsal tegmental nucleus (cholinergic, glutamate, activating system - argh!) (wake-part)

PPT = Pedunculipontine nucleus (idem, argh!) (wake-part)

LC = Locus coerulis (pons, reaction to stress, panic, norepinephrine, noradrenaline - bad for sleep!) (wake-part)

PB = Parabrachial area (midbrain) (wake-part)

PC = Pre Coroeruleus region (wake-part)

DR = Dorse Raphe Nucleus (wake-part)

vPAG = ventro PeriaQueductal Gray (defense, critical part consciousness - bah)

TMN = Tubero Mammillary Nucleus (histaminergic, directly to cerebral cortex - no good) (wake-part)

REM-parts: 2, SLD & PC (already helped by Sleep-part VLPO)

PGO (Pons, Lateral Geniculate, Occipital Cortex) fire cholinergic to PPT, LDT ....then comes the REM vs. NREM switch!

In favor of REM against REM
SLD/PC (Rem-part) (sublaterodorsal nucleus) vPAG/LPT (wake-parts)
VLPO (Sleep-part) Orexin (wake-part)

This is no stable phase, therefore a switch


SLEEP PARTS - your friends = Slow Wave Sleep , NREM = Non-REM sleep

VLPO (Ventro Lateral Proptic Nucleus) (sleep-part)

MnPO (Median Pre Optic nucleus) (sleep-part)

plus: SleepWakeTable substance - by Philippe (coming)

plus: Saper 2010 Cell article sleep wake switch

plus: hypervigilant state 2013


The easiest help, WITHOUT ANALYSIS, is asking for sleeping pills. Unfortunately, most phsycicians were educated 40 years ago and still have the wrong belief that pills would make depdendent or facilitate suicide in too large quantities.

First we give you underneath the FDA guidelines, than the possibility to order online, and then the rest

FDA (Food Drugs Administration)

We give you an example how it works. Start with Xanax, for example. After clicking

- start with the drugs page:

- in the middle right, box, choose 'Drug Information - Frug@FDA'

- enter the drug you would like to search the dosage and general info for:
- click on product Xanax
- click on Alprazolam or Xanax

- click on label PDF
you get to the PDF, then page 19, on which you see that the max. dose is 4 mg/day.

Ordering over the internet

If you do not get enough pills to do you work properly or have a relaxed family life, BEFORE you start doing measurement, it may be wise to order additional pills (but without exceeding FDA limit) only. Preferred sleeping pills are 'Zopiclone' because they are not sedatice, have no effect the next morning and cause no 'sensitisation' (no dependence). The email address is - they are relatively cheap, very informal but very 'on the job', super loyal and attentive. Important: mention the code "ICF' in your mail, so you get better treatment. ICF does not earn a penny from your orders, this is just meant to help you with a very reliable supplier and very reliable sleeping pill with no side effects short or long term.

Other solution than sleepings pills

Of course we could present here a list of '1001 sleeping pills, but your probably heard those tips for years and remarked that even if you apply them all at the time, is does not help.

If you are not satisfied with pills - because they cost money, or you long to natural sleep, and lost of other reasons - you better opt for measurement SERVICE .

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