Maximum allowed dose of sleeping pills

For maximum allowed daily dose, 'leading in the world' are:

  • FDA,, Foods and Drugs Administration. The max quantities are reasonably hidden, you can best find them by googling on:

    '' { name drug} '

    Instead of {name drug} you type for example 'Ambien' and then get

    It may be the case that some insomnia is caused by OTHER medicines, such as antidepressants. Venlafaxine is a major sleep disruptor - see for example: 'Effects of Venlafaxine on sleep architecture of rats', 1997, 2 pagina, 42 USD, Google Scholar.

    Results are quite clear! Sleepdisrupting: longer time before sleep onset, less/no REM sleep and dreaming, shorter sleep time overall. Unfortunately, one has to think: 'What are the financial incentives for physician and pharma?' Pharma wants to sell pills, and physicians, psychiatrists have clients due to x-weekly prescription: client has to see them, psychiatrist has monopoloy to prescribe drugs.

    It may be that without the right to prescribe drugs, and certainly without the reimbursement of health insurance, 90% of psychiatrists would be jobless.

    So look for the truth straight on Google Scholar, and 'go neurobiology', be not satisfied with typical MD pubmed SPSS stuff.

  • 'Prescribers guide: Stahl essential psychopharmacology' -


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