History and definition 'chronic insomnia'

We apply the following definition of chronic insomnia:

  • over 10 years of sleeplessness
  • no pills means: 7 nights of zero hours (world record is 11)
  • then some fallouts, blackouts for 2 hours
  • terrible existence with lack of sleep, never returning to a normal, steady state.
  • After 2 nights of 2 sleep the following characteristics apply:
    – trembling, anxiety, weaker in movements. No multitasking possible.Even single tasking is difficult. Can only do very easy work 2 hours a day. Cannot hold job. No feeling of tiredness, but only hurting organs that have had no chance to refresh. Fall out of colours, often seeing only black/white instead of coulours. Trembling. Hallucinations. Appears to outsiders as loonatic who should go to a docter. People asking everywhere 'Sir, are you allright?'. If sleep enters for a few milliseconds, immediate scaring and waking up. Never return to a 'steady state'.

Outer behaviour looks like films of shellshock soldiers after first World War, but with less spastic erratic movements, see picture on the right.

We also agree with the classifications made in the over 300 page 'International Classification of Sleeporders'- click here. If we take this worlwide classification as a start, in the left column we put the sleep disorders that 'we represent' - and to the right 'those better solved by others')

ICF - interest  
1.a. Intrinsic Sleep dirorders 1. Psychophysiologic insomnia  
4. narcolepsy  

8. Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome

9. Central Sleep Apnea Sundrome  
13. Intrinsic Sleep Disorder NOS (Not Otherwise Specified)  
3. Sleepdisorders associated with......  
...B. Associated with Neurological disorders  

Of our interest are thus:
- chronic
- primary
insomnia. Not short term insomnia, and not insomnia that is a comorbid appearance of another illness, and not insomnia that have obvious causes in the outer world.


In 2012, many clients that suffered from chronic insomnia for 10 years or more, and whose life was partly wrecked by it, discovered that there are MILLIONS of alikes on earth! Until now, they had come no further than their local GP (General Practicioner) and a sleeping clinic with 'EEG only' and as 'therapy' relaxing or some other not very powerful remedies.

In 2012 a group of FOUR engineers and other exact scientists sat together and founded this 'Insomnia Clients Foundation' - on a worldwide level, English spoken (on earth based in Amsterdam) in order to HELP all those chronic insomniacs that were left unhelped by local GP's and sleeping centers. Two of the four would have their 20-YEAR JUBILEE in 2012 of having 20 years of chronic insomnia - 1992 - 2012. It was one biologist, one female building architect, one physician and finally the only who dared to come out with his name and is official founder and chairman: 48 year old, 20 year chronic insomniac internet engineer and entrepreneur Philippe Blankert.

Philippe Blankert M.Sc. M.A., co founder and chairman of Insomnia Clients Foundation.

As 4, we had the feeling 'We are grown up now' and 'We have ENOUGH of 20 years of physician's evading bullshit regarding the issue of sleep, bullshit of pills making dependent and bullshit having to beg and sneakly buy pills through India, just because physicians - the ones who should care about us, being GP's, pyshciatrists and neurologists did a very lousy job. 'Why are you sleeping badly? '' - 'We don't know, we have no significant worries - by the way: who of us did study medicine? Who of us still works with an 1935-EEG is most modern instrument on sleeping clinics? It are you, you lazy physcians, who never RESEARCH'!

Together with other exact scientists, but mainly through own effort (desk research and using physics and engineering, who are very powerful sciences - as pharmacology) all you read on this website was fount. UNTIL THE SOLUTIONS, about you will read later.


The COSTS of having long term insomnia are tremendous for the individual: poor job performance, less chance of a relationship (less to give), serious impairment of 'parental qualities' up to disablity to get a job it all. Besides, the 'quality of live' sleeping (e.g.) 2 hours a night makes the nights to a 'hellish experience and seriously impair overday joy and overday performance. Other organs (as muscles) do not get appropriate rest, hurt, and the whole organ has a clearly shorter life expectancy.

With the coming of neuroimaging and neuromaps, thought the engineers and exact scientists of ICF (Insomnia Clients Foundation) the chances for curement of chronic insomniacs until now unhelped, and the potential for further research around wake and sleep was tremendous.

ICF is the more important because the new techniques available more suit the skills and back ground of exact scientist and engineers that the thinking of physician's.

Besides, the sleep-wake mechanism is a neural mechanism taking place all over the brain - so the 'brain as electric circuit' is the view you need in order to understand this sleep-wake mechanism, that was described qualitatively only in 2011/2012.

ICF does not work on an island, but establishes cooperation, such as:
- with over 30.000 chronic insomniacs worldwide
- Human Brain Project, the EU flagship project on

Feel free to surf around, feel fee to email us on and, as we have to pay all research our selves, we are totally dependent on private donations

account: 7599262 (ING bank, Netherlands)
beneficiary: Insomnia Clients Foundation
Amsterdam. Netherlands
IBAN: NL07INGB0007599262


Resemblence of chronic Insomnia with no pills to 'shell shock' after WO 1