Fight your physician or choose black market

Let us be clear: pharmacologists research, find things, experiment and bring pills on the market. Not physicians. Physicians are hardly in a position to judge pills - also because there is far too much to know.

Regarding the working of sleep, assume your physician knows NOTHING. Most of them are, anno 2013, totally suprised when you present them with underneath:

Saper 2005 PF (6 pages)

It means they also had no clue about the working of sleeping pills.

Many physicians just repeat what others say, so day 'it is dangerous' or 'it can be addictive' or 'you need still more'. All those things are total BULLSHIT - in our research amongst thousands of insomniacs. Why would blood thinners make addictive? Why need more? What changes in the 'neural interplay' so you would need more? NOTHING.

Phsysicians are far too timid in prescribing for examle Alprazolam to chronic insomniacs. The prescribe typically 1,5 mg 'in order not to be sued' instead of an allowed 3 or 4 mg. With 3 or 4 mg, very little chronic insomniacs would exist!

But no, the doctors withdraw the pills, or say it should be less after a few years, because they never studied and reseached chronic insomniacs. And why did they never research? Because chronic insomnia is not 'sexy'. For neurologist it is sexy, if it is physically visible. All the suffering, performing less, being dismissed because of lesser performing, enjoying life less for the same reason, they do not see (they rarely see emotions) .

Then, as patient,l you have to go to two doctors, far away from eachother to not be in eachothers system, or buy om the black market. On the black market pills are usually 2 USD or 2 euro per tablet.

How do come pills on black market?
- extra income of physicians: A prescribes to B and vice versa, none of them needs it and the start selling
- 'over the date' quantities of the pharmacist
- individuals asking for it at the doctor, but not using it but selling it
- stealing?
- making inferior quality.

From too little sleeping pills (too little sleep) one has far more chances to make a car accident thant with too mny pills. No car then? Car is required for most then would have to be 100% disabled, just because the doctor does not want to give 4 mg? Car accidences because of lack?

As you can read elswhere, chronic insomnia can cause 7 night of 0 hrs of sleep. World record 264 hours. There after not return to normal state. Chronic insomniacs are often asked 'Sir, you look confused, shall we fetch a doc?' - No that's the problem, lack of sleeping pills. The muscles get tired, they hurt, they want to sleep immediately. But it are the nerves, the nerves keep you awake and in alarm state ALL THE TIME. That is a state in which you cannot perform.

Rats die within 13 14 days when kept without sleep - humans probably 30 days. World record not sleeping is 11 days (264 hours) - but don't count on it gets better after that. a) your rhytms are completely disturbed b) the NERVE keeps you awaky, the nerve tension.

So your choice is
A) have a half life with the 2 benzo's of your lousy doc....and get fired after mediocre performances...left by your wife..short and miserable life

B) spend 300 euro per month extra on the black market in order to have enough sleep and a WHOLE life. We absolutely recommend latter. With half insomnia there is no way you are going to make any of half career, or be a good and capable parent. As parent you need to be there, FULL and CAPABLE and INCLUDING EMOTIONS.

From your better career you will recoup the 300 USD extra per month.....but you will always be handicapped by that. Orders may not arrive, or far too late, and then 1 of 3 performances at your job may be lousy and there goes your career. We assure you your need will not increase - swallow enough pills, right from the start of your career. Pill swallowing against chronic insomnia is totally different than alcohol drinking or cocaine.

Give doc's no chance - be better informed, work with us, work with pharmacologists, and beat the 'unrationals'. See here a movie about benzodiazepine:


If you ar short of sleeping pills: order

If you are short of sleeping pills, and you are short of pills because of irresponsible refusal of physicians and are allowed to take more compared to the FDA maximum dose as mentioned on 'sleepingepills and quantities', email us for a good price and delivery -

Conclusion for now:

It leaves us with the conclusion, for chromic insomniacs:
a) either keep on struggling for decades with physicians in order to get more sleeping pills because they did not know Saper's fliflop, or did not study it, or did not measure it in your case....and buy 300 USD/month extra on the black market
b) beg the neurologists to check on the 5 potential neurological disorders in the flipflop model:

1) lesions, especially in the VLPO
2) no neuron firing by the VLPO to generate Slow Wave Sleep (SWS)
3) not enough ion channels go open in the VLPO
4) to many other transmitters are being bounded by VLPO neurons, instead of GABA
5) not enough endogenous benzodiazepines (! the own body also makes benzodiazepine, so it is as natural as you wish).

Chances are however that the neurologists are not motivated, because a) it is not visible (neurologists LOVE to have visible effects) b) it is not the 'neurologists illness' by would take them decades to struggle or get used that 'insomnia', at least 'chronic insomnia' is neurologists territorium insteand psychiatrists.

c): JUMP to something that works! Go to to wee how we can arrange for you:
1) a wireless neurostimulator that stimulates your VLPO and therefore induces sleep
2) an EM wave masq that introduces synchronized EM waves that facilitate the low wave sleep.

In 2012, many clients that suffered from chronic insomnia for 10 years or more, and whose life was partly wrecked by it, discovered that there are MILLIONS of alikes on earth! Until now, they had come no further than their local GP (General Practicioner) and a sleeping clinic with 'EEG only' and as 'therapy' relaxing or some other not very powerful remedies.

In 2012 a group of engineers and other exact scientists sat together and founded this 'Insomnia Clients Foundation' - on a worldwide level, English spoken (on earth based in Amsterdam) in order to HELP all those chronic insomniacs that were left unhelped by local GP's and sleeping centers.

In order to BRIDGE those people to world's top research.

The COSTS of having long term insomnia are tremendous for the individual: poor job performance, less chance of a relationship (less to give), serious impairment of 'parental qualities' up to disablity to get a job it all. Besides, the 'quality of live' sleeping (e.g.) 2 hours a night makes the nights to a 'hellish experience and seriously impair overday joy and overday performance. Other organs (as muscles) do not get appropriate rest, hurt, and the whole organ has a clearly shorter life expectancy.

With the coming of neuroimaging and neuromaps, thought the engineers and exact scientists of ICF (Insomnia Clients Foundation) the chances for curement of chronic insomniacs until now unhelped, and the potential for further research around wake and sleep was tremendous.

ICF is the more important because the new techniques available more suit the skills and back ground of exact scientist and engineers that the thinking of physician's.

Besides, the sleep-wake mechanism is a neural mechanism taking place all over the brain - so the 'brain as electric circuit' is the view you need in order to understand this sleep-wake mechanism, that was described qualitatively only in 2011/2012.

ICF does not work on an island, but establishes cooperation, such as:
- with over 30.000 chronic insomniacs worldwide
- Max Planck insitute in Germany
- La Charité in Berlin
- Human Brain Project, the EU flagship project on

Feel free to surf around, feel fee to email us on and, as we have to pay all research our selves, we are totally dependent on private donations

account: 7599262 (ING bank, Netherlands)
beneficiary: Insomnia Clients Foundation
Amsterdam. Netherlands
IBAN: NL07INGB0007599262

Falling asleep is a mechanism in the brains....from central to decentral nervous system