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Thanks to the people who filled out are first enquiry - telling us 'who the visitors are'. 62% Of you turned out to be insomnia-clients - that is good, because this site is indeed meant for the 'high-end' of chronic insomnia patients.Piechart

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The 'Insomnia Clients Foundation' (Amsterdam, Dutch Chamber of Commerce) is founded and lead by chronic insomniacs.

Also the research is done by chronic insomniacs, because in the period 'Van Economo' until now GP's, psychiatrists and neurologists had done a shamelessly bad job of studying 'chronic insomnia'. They knew nothing about it, and in order to 'solve the problem' their solutions were no better than grandmohter's (with all respect).

The only solution came from pharmacologists - they knew how things worked - but neurologists, who claim to go about the brain and neurons, totally forsake except Ds. C. Saper around 2005, to whom we are grateful for the description of his 'flipflop' model.

After him unfortunately no neurologist at all took the effort ot MEASURE the described flipflop circuit, or to test what part of the flip flop could be the reason for chronic insomnia, when no outer reasons could be found in individual cases (do you want to see over 30.000 insomniacs 'humping' together? Go to

Feel free to surf around, feel fee to email us on and, as we have to pay all research our selves, we are totally dependent on private donations

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Falling asleep is a mechanism in the brains....from central to decentral nervous system