Insomnia Lobby

Apart from the pharmaceutical industry itself, INSOMNIA HAS NO LOBBY.

We are the emerging first world wide lobby group for people with chronic insomnia. This lobby-ing was not possible without internet, because:

- physicians tend to have a very bad feeling for psychic illnesses and suffering; a broken leg and lepra invite everybody's pity, but the suffering from insomnia is a) invisible b) especially invisable because happening in the dark (!) c) physicians have no cure, and are thus not interested to cure it. There is a 'malus' (negative financial incentive) to prescribe sleeping tablets.

- no knowledge was shared about insomnia. Those who had knowledge, kept it very secret.

Thanks to wikipedia,, this and other sites, knowledge starts to grow and insomniacs are working together.

The lobbywork - help yourself too!

Our lobby consists of the following:

1) to be open as possible about the maximum doses of sleeping pills that are still healthy. The FDA, Food and Drugs Administration in the US, is seen as top of the bill. With relative little commercial or political interests, the maximum doses that are healthy, are mentioned. See our page on quantities

Unfortunately, the other continent that used to be 'advanced' in the 20th century, Europe, is less honest. On, you find 'recommended' quantities per medicine a-z 'at best'. This means it is regulated differently per country, and the regulation per country is an economical-political balance of physician-pressure groups and commercial health care insurances. The doses mentioned (if mentioned at all) are far too low for chronic one (except pharmacy and insomniacs) have interest in prescribing sleeping pills.


2) lobby point number two is: put your physician under pressure to prescribe the maximum dose if you need it. Act as if you were building a legal case. Document your suffering, the doses, the refusals of your physician and increase the pressure. All: at least in writing, to increase the pressure.

Have you lost a relationship? Do you have a less than optimal annual performance appraisal? Car accidence due to lack of sleep? Document it all, write to your physician, print out the FDA max dose and demand it. If he (she) refuses, finally go to the MEDICAL BOARD of your country, and demand for his DISMISSAL and cancellation of his right to be physician. Then most physicians start to become flexible and more comprehensive. It is not nice to say, but you have mostly to put the knife figurately to their throat to get and keep the dose you need.

3) lobby point number three: have your chronic insomnia SCANNED with MRI, PET and MEG. Not with EEG - that is only outside the sculp and already existed in 1935, so that is everything but modern. Unfortunately no sleeping clinic in the world yet has standard equipment with MEG scan - but urge it from a hospital. Claim your chronic insomnia to be measured in terms of NEURONAL ACTIVITY. Urge your chronic insomnia to be measured as NEUROLOGICAL DISEASE.


Falling asleep is a mechanism in the brains....from central to decentral nervous system