Insomnia Neuropsychotherapy

Neuropsychotherapy is a relative new field: it is the combination of neuroscience (with its foundation in neuro-imaging, thanks to electrical engineering) and psychology. Before neuroimaging, psychology mainly 'had to be' in in-exact science: guessing from outside what is happening in the brains, latter being a 'black box'.

Since we can 'image' the workings of amongst others neurons IN the brains, due to techniques as MRI and MEG, psychology is re-inventing itself, and is this time far more precise. Old assumptions have to be abandoned, and new cause-effect relationships emerge. A historic example of the 'old-school' thinking, even in 2012, is the 'Oxford handbook of sleeping disorders' of 2012. Although Oxford has a good reputation, that book totally neglects neuroscience and reflects mainstream psychiatric thinking. With all errors of the non-exact sciences.

Modern psychologists embrace neurosciences, and neuropsychologists become 'neuropsychotherapists'. What is new is that therapy is based on the exact knowledge of the working of neurons. This is accompanied with the emergence of the new fields of 'affective neuroscience' and 'emotion regulation'. What used to be distinct illnesses, as PTSD, ADHD, anxiety disorder or insomnia, now seem to have one common 'father': the emotion regulation in the OFC, Orbito Cortical Frontex.

Good news: exact sleep therapists!
The good news for you is: the first neuro-psychotherapists have specialised in insomnia!

We are gathering the insomnia therapists world wide, test them and set a standard. This will emerge in a global company named 'PsychoSomnia' - consisting of neuropsychotherapists specialised in insomnia.

Do you want a neuropsychotherapist specialised in insomnia? Transfer 15 USD or euro to us (payment details) and send us an email. We will then mail you our list with a) insomnia-psychoneurotherapists b) best sleeping clinics, worldwide, divided per country.

Would you like to BECOME an insomnia-psychoneurotherapists? Then please send us your CV, copy of your degree and publications, and we will present you our insomnia-tests (for free) in order to be accredited as ICF - neuropsychotherapist.

Falling asleep is a mechanism in the brains....from central to decentral nervous system