Measurement of neurological aspects of sleep


In the history of neurology, quite a few physician should shame themselves. For example, for:

- having denied insomnia for centuries
- having denied the existence of chronic insomnia
- having denied that chronic insomnia had to do anything with neurology
- having done no research
- not having come with any solutions.

There is 1 exception: Dr. C. Saper who qualiltatively described the flip flop circuit:

Saper 2005 PF (6 pages)

What remains to be done now is:
- measure all neurologic aspects of the circuit and put values to it - in Volts, amperes, HZ etc. - rates, weights and volume of neural populations etc

- diagnose chronic insomnia INTERNALLY - FROM THE INSIDE OF THE SKULL to see whether the IN-somnia has to do with the malfunctioning of any part of the Saper circuit

- come with SOLUTIONS to chronic insomnia

5 neurological reasons for chronic insomnia

1) lesions, especially in the VLPO
2) no neuron firing by the VLPO to generate Slow Wave Sleep (SWS)
3) not enough ion channels go open in the VLPO
4) to many other transmitters are being bounded by VLPO neurons, instead of GABA
5) not enough endogenous benzodiazepines (! the own body also makes benzodiazepine, so it is as natural as you wish).

The next article about CatSleep show why many things can already go wrong in the brain. 'Lesions', so fractures in tissues, are the number 1 reasons ofr people having chronic insomnia. Lesions can develop 'on itself' or be triggered by trauma. See 'Von Economo' for lesion analysis, and this lesion article: Saper lesions VLPO 2000 (PDF),

Above neurological analysis to CONFIRM long term insomnia reasons, has not been worked out well yet. Although it would largely be possible with:

  • MEG scanners (Magento Ence Phalography)
  • fMRI

Given the total lack of progress in neurology as a merit of neurology itself, it seems to us far more likely that engineering people will JUMP to solutions that work, just because neurologists will not analyze. When the working of somehting is known, as the Saper flipflop in this case, one CAN go to working solutions not knowing 100% what causes the malfunctioning in the first place.

Better would be that neurologists would check the flip flip with every insomniac, but if the do not - life is not endless, and some people spent most of the life in insomnia - a jump to a solution is more attractive.

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Falling asleep is a mechanism in the brains....from central to decentral nervous system