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The 'Insomnia Clients Foundation', sometimes abbrevated as 'ICF', is formally a worldwide  'Stichting' , located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, complying to Dutch law. As 'American' is the global language, we chose the American organisation form with the most resemblance: the Public Foundation with Contributors. Contributors are not members, because no board elections are foreseen by Dutch law in case of Foundations.

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Chamber of Commerce:, number 563 75 433. Our capital started from zero, October 2012, and we are purely dependent on GIFTS of CHRONIC INSOMNIACS.

With YOUR GIFT, do the maximum of reasearch to bring as soon as possible to 'planet earth':

  • agreement with pharm industry for chronic insomniacs, for example 'large individuals' to get more than the local pharma guide, life long
  • maximize the speed of research by exact sciences in the brain regarding solutions to let the 'sleep state' win from the 'wake state', primarily non-pharma solutions (the neural mechanism of falling in sleep is known since 2010, C. Saper article)
  • accelerate the development of a sleepgenerator, of which the principles will be explained on to be realised before 2020
  • a.s.a.p. renew the medical guideline around insomnia, so 'chronic insomnia - standalone and not comborbid' is recognized, and that physicians are trained in neuroscience to learn the elementary principals of the neural mechanism
  • introduce as fast as possible the introduction of electrical medical devices to induce deep sleep
  • to equip sleep centers with neuro-certified people, fMRI and other equipment of 'after 1980'. Currently NO SLEEPING CLINIC IN THE WORLD uses neuro-imaging to study chronic insomnia.

    In order to achieve these goals, your GIFT/DONATION (30 USD per year? once?) are very welcome on:

    account: 7599262 (ING bank, Netherlands)
    beneficiary: Insomnia Clients Foundation
    Amsterdam. Netherlands
    IBAN: NL07INGB0007599262

    Thank you for your donation! You will recognize your donation in the annual reports that will be put online. The first accounting year is from foundation October 2012 - 31 December 2013.

If you want MORE from us we are glad to provide to with the following services:

a) a bi-monthly journal, appr. 8 pages PDF, on the newest sleep research worldwide - understandable for IQ 110+m with references to scientific top reports. Bimonthly means: mid February, mid April, mid June, mid August, mid October, mid december.

It will be spent per email; we ask 60 USD or 60 euro per year, transfer the money and state your email address where te send it to in your transfer details, as well as the word 'ICF Journal'

b) a Sleeping guide. This will come out on April 1, 2013 (no joke) and will cost 40 USD or 40 euro including postage. Send us email and transfer the money. We distriubute it on paper only, to prevent illegal digital copies. Our guide is very clear and understandable, is short on history and goes straight 'to the point' where we are now. The taking and need of additional sleeping tables is also handled - the neural mechanism is explained, the best sleeping centra of the world are mentioned etc. Appr. 40 pages including figures, tabels, drawings. Editor in chief is Chairman Philippe Blankert M.Sc. M.A.

c) Training to physicians. Our neuroscientists are glad to, many times in combination with Pharm Industry, provide post graduate training of for example 2 days, for psychiatrists, general physicians and neurologists.

About us: founder is 48 year old (1964, Belgium) university engineer and psychologist: Philippe Blankert M.Sc. M.A.. 18 PhD researchers are currently attached to the Insomnia Clients Foundation, and - status January 2013 - 30.000 chronic insomniacs around the world (see our definition else on the site: a) primary complaint b) over 10 years complaint c) no pills = 7 nights no sleep, never returning to 'steady state')

Goals of our association are described under Objectives

Social media: we are also on facebook and Google+

Facebook: page 'Insomnia', adress 2043

Facebook, insomnia discussion group 'Insomnia', address



Falling asleep is a mechanism in the brains....from central to decentral nervous system