Objectives of our foundation, icf:


  • Very rapid dissipation of breakthrough-research discoveris to patients and docters. With internet, the immense knowledge of science and the required IQ to understand the sleeping mechanism, patients with high IQ can be quicker aware and more knowledgable than their docters. We ask patients, chronic insomniacs, to educate their docters (the other way round)
  • guide toprerefent insomniacs who fit our definition/full fill our criteria to top researchers for research, solutions, and technical solutions like inplants. If you write yourself to top researchers, they will not answer. If we refer you, they believe us (credibility) and will take you on
  • offering of test persons for chronic insomnia. When you are very desperate and our very kind to humankind, you may like to offer yourself as test person. Often, you get money for it as well.
  • provide top literature to clients as well as others, like docters, who want to know more about sleep
  • achieve, like Merck in the US, for certain patiens a direct delivery of pills from pharma to patiens, because patiens are too poor or not understood by docters
  • generally: restaurate the state of happy, healthy, regenerating sleep for all human beings, by whatever solution: more pills, other additives, technical inplants, training, etc.
  • as soon as possible: good solutions on

Every human has right to healthy refreshing sleep. Gifted people should research sleep problems and pass on findings a.s.a.p.

Complications of chronic Inomnia


- work capacity loss, 20%-90%
- no multitasking
- suffering in nights/suicide
- car accidents
- no joy of life
- handicapped in social contact
- cannot be good parent
- no other emotional perception than reigning fear