Sleeping pills, OTC (Over The Counter) Pills and quantities


About sleeping pills you can find many information on the web, especially through wikipedia. Tip: look what the relevant chemical stuff is, google what it affects in neural receptors, and look for the neural mechanisms affected by the pill, and you quickly fully understand the working.

What is generally NOT written on the web are:
1) politics behind sleeping pill quantities
2) maxima per country
3) OTC, Over The Counter sleeping pills, and the possibility to combine them internationally

Ad 1) Politics behind sleeping pill quantities

Physicians usually get a 'malus' (opposite of 'bonus') from the health insurance companies when the prescribe benzodiazepines. That is why you constantly have to 'beg' for sleeping pills: it is just money you 'beg' out of the physicians' pocket.

Do let know your psychiatrist or other physician KNOW that the quantity he gives, is TOO LITTLE and that you need to buy extra over the web. With all costs associated: up to 300 euro/USD per month for 120 extra pills - the risk of irregular delivery so you have a series of nights without sleep (which almost unearable pain, dangerous for your job and dangerous in the public sphere) - and the lack of quality control (though most pill-sellers over the web do not want to poison you). He will then feel under pressure, because if something would happen to you DUE to the internet-pills, HE is partly ethical responsible as well. So LET you physician know what you need, in writing as well, what you order to reach your desired qunantity, and send a copy to the Health Inspection of your country.

2) Maxima per country

The maximum for a pill per country is:

- a political compromise
- focussed on an average/small adult. Because of dimensions and concentrations, you should get more when you are larger (!) - point it out to your doc.

Before we mention quantities, let us look at the incentives of the several gremia
- physicians want to earn maximally. There is no code to reward 'insomnia treatment', otherwise it falls under 'consulting', which is the lowest paid type of activity for the doc. So all incentive is to talk minimally about it.

Furthermore, many physicians are ill at ease regarding emotions and other things they cannot see. Because they lives are paid enormously well, and they never get unemployed, the have practicall never worries and no chronic insomnia develops. They cannot imagine what 1001 deaths you starve during a series of insomnia nights.

Thirdly, docters want to be proud they have helped you - in a well rewarded and well visible way. They are proud when you broken leg has been repaired, but they could not be proud if you can sleep again after 20 sessions (apart from the lousy pay for 'talking').

Fourthly, doctors cannot stand that pharm and other research is way ahead of them, and that you only need them because they prescribe pills, and not because they are of any other help to you re. insomnia. Though for anti conception pills they accept the role of being 'purely description doc'.

The health insureance normally found a national counsel, in which they determine what the docters will be paid for for what activity. They also develop 'bomus malus' constructions. Sleepin pills are discouraged, because if a patient gets more sleeping pills, the insurance only has extra costs (the more pills) and extra risks (suicide when you swallow too much - though it is very difficult to commit suicide with sleeping pills, see further) and earlier damaging of organs as liver and kidneys.

When the patient lies awake at night, looses familiy life because of that, or looses his job: they do not care because it does not make difference for their money. Even if you get more car accidents because lack of sleep: the costs are on the car insurance, not on the health insurance.

The pharm has an incentive to sell more, but never more than what is healthy for a client, because otherwise the effect of 'too much pills' immediately backfire on them.

Therefore the trick is to write down what you doctor gives you, what you have to order yourself in order to function, drive and sleep normally, and give a copy of that to the national Health Inspection. If you ever loose your job or have a car accident due to lack of sleep, blame your docter and point to your file that is also with the national Health Insurance Inspection.

Now the quantities.

FDA = Food Drugs Aministraion USA
We give you an example how it works. Start with Xanax, for example. After clicking

- start with the drugs page:

- in the middle right, box, choose 'Drug Information - Frug@FDA'

- enter the drug you would like to search the dosage and general info for:
- click on product Xanax
- click on Alprazolam or Xanax

- click on label PDF
you get to the PDF, then page 19, on which you see that the max. dose is 4 mg/day.


Europe - maximum dose per country

See overall table within - and here alphabetically
WATCH OUT: some countries do NOT publish a maximum quantity allowed, but an 'advised quantity'- mostly this is for commercial reasons. For example: health insurance companies wanting a minimum being spent on medicine, and a maximum on physician's hour. We regard the FDA is more honest guideline.

Netherlands: in the PDF's to be found here:

Ad 3) Over The Counter = OTC pills in several countries

The attitude towards sleeping pills is very different from country to country. Some countries still have MiddleAgian false beliefs (like that sleeping pills would make you dependent, or that is is 'chemical'- all nature is chemical, and benzodiazepines are also produced by your own brain).

Have a look per country, enter a pharmacy (if you cannot speek the language: write down 'sleeping pills' in the local language) and ask for chemical sleeping pills. Often they have one sort. Look for the working chemical, look up the working of it on the neurons of wake-sleep and you understand what it does. Preferably also develop local contacts, so you can be sent the drug over the mail - against payment by you. This is not illegal as the pill is free from prescritpion in the country of origin.

If you have to be awake the following morning, non-benzodiazepines as Zopiclione are very mucht recommended. If you want to have pre-joy that you are going to sleep, combine it - for example - with an OTC medicament that is 'sedative'/makes drowsy.

A good overview of OTC pills in the world you find HERE.



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